VBAC / Breech / Twins


VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) is a safe option for most families. If you’ve had one previous cesarean and would like to have a discussion about your options for a vaginal birth please reach out to us for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

Even though neither hospital in Yavapai County “allows” VBAC births, you do not have to schedule a repeat cesarean or travel to Phoenix.

With many years of experience with VBAC, and a 90% VBAC success rate, we are happy to support you in your choices.

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Breech Birth

Families hoping for a vaginal breech birth are in a similar situation in Yavapai County as families hoping for a VBAC – it is generally not “allowed” in our local hospitals and your choices are a cesarean section or a trip to Phoenix. We don’t think that’s what is best for most families. We cannot promise that you are a good candidate for a breech vaginal birth, but you are welcome to talk with us about both the general risks & benefits as well as your personal situation. We are also happy to refer you to one of the few hospital based providers that are open to attending breech births in Phoenix.


Although most are trained in attending twin births, and some of us have extensive training in it, CPM’s in Arizona are not legally allowed to attend the births of known twins. However, Fabiola Merchant is a CNM located in Sedona who is often willing to support families hoping to have a vaginal delivery of their twins. She, as our Medical Consultant, is part of the Beginnings team and is able to use our birth center for families desiring that option – and we are happy to support her in supporting you. Please contact her directly to discuss your options and her availability @ Sedona Birth & Women’s Health.