About Us

Beginnings Birth is a full service wellness center.

What we do is about far more than birth. We host parent groups where collaborative relationships with family practitioners, message therapists, chiropractors and lactation consultants and schedule special events and birth classes for the community on a regular basis.

We also have a lending library, and do our absolute best to be a point of contact for any resource someone might need. Our goal is that everyone in the community knows that they can call Beginnings to find out who to call for whatever it is they need related to their health and well-being and that of their families.

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Our Team

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Office Manager

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Sarah Luchetta

Birth Assistant

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Birth Assistant

Our Mission

Beginnings Birth & Wellness Center is a community-based resource, offering full spectrum care during the childbearing year.

I am a certified professional midwife, licensed by the state of Arizona. Beginnings is the only birth center north of Phoenix. Our hour long appointments focus on the mind-body connection of pregnancy and birth including nutrition counseling, prenatal exercises, and open communication.

Our clients are interested in a different type of care for their pregnancy, birth, and transition into parenthood. One that actively engages them in education, decision making and choices for their care.

We are rooted in our desire to serve our community, raise standards of maternity care, and provide compassionate, knowledgeable support to our clients.

"We are witnesses to so much more than birth."
~ Jewel

Jennifer Rabins, CPM, LM

Jennifer Rabins, CPM, LM

Owner, Midwife

My journey to midwifery started with the birth of my daughter in 2003, although I didn’t truly realize the direction I was heading until I officially got into birth work after my son was born in 2010. At one point I remember my husband asking me when I was going to become a midwife and I told him that I was too old (ha ha!) to start over with a new career and didn’t need yet another degree (I already had two!). Never doubt the power of a calling…

My own personal birthing experiences are an important part of my journey to becoming a midwife, delivering my oldest in the hospital with an OB and by the time I had my youngest I was at home (with the midwives who trained me).

I truly believe that everyone should have the right and ability to birth where they want, with whom they want, in a safe, caring, and compassionate environment.

fabiola merchant

Fabiola Merchant, CNM

Medical Consultant

My name is Fabiola Merchant and I have the honor to call myself a Nurse Midwife. I feel fortunate to have the education and training that allows me to assist women through some of the greatest moments of their lives. To have the opportunity to walk alongside women in this way is a deep calling that began to form after I had my first child at the age of 16. Even at that young age, I knew and trusted in women’s ability to give birth and I saw firsthand the profound change that occurred in me as I transitioned into motherhood. Later in life, I had another unique opportunity to move to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Sedona Arizona. At the ripe age of 24, I found myself eager to begin a new life. I enrolled in the local community college and soon became a registered nurse. I continued my studies to obtain my Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing through Grand Canyon University and later I received my Master’s degree in Science of Nursing specializing in Midwifery and Women’s Health through one of the top Midwifery schools in American, Frontier Nursing University. This process took 10 years. I was married, worked, and raised three girls during this time. Soon after graduation, I was offered a position as a Midwife in a local hospital. I worked there for only a year and a half. As I gave birth to my fourth child it became clear that this setting was not where I ultimately wanted to serve. In July of 2021, the calling to serve the home birth community was clear and I opened my independent practice here in Sedona. I continue to be in awe at the profound providence I have witnessed. I live in one of the most beautiful places, I have a wonderful family, and to top it off, I get to assist women in birthing their babies in the comfort and sacredness of their own home. I am truly living a fulfilled life.