Home Birth

giving birth joyful coupleYour home may be the perfect place for you to have your baby. There are a wide variety of reasons that people choose home birth. You might choose this if you prefer not to leave home when you are in labor. It may be more convenient if you have small children (although the opposite may also be true). You may feel a greater degree of safety and privacy at home as well. With us you will always have the freedom to follow your body’s lead, to eat and drink whatever you like, and be surrounded by the music and scents you choose.

We bring all of the equipment that we use in the birth center with us (it is surprisingly portable). We can also bring a birthing ball, a birth stool, and we have tubs that you can rent if you choose to labor in water or to have a water birth. We provide you with most of the supplies you will need, and give you a list of what else to have on hand for your birth (not a lot). We stay with you after the birth until you and your baby are stable and nursing is going well, usually several hours and then come back and check on everyone the next day.

Birth is a very private, emotional, and physical experience. The decision on where to birth should take all of those aspects into account, and then the decision is entirely yours.

Why choose Beginnings for your home birth care;

  • Hour long appointments
  • Your home birth supplies are included
  • We are able to draw your labs ourselves for your convenience
  • Full size birth tubs available for rent – that we clean up
  • A play area, toys, and books for your children to enjoy during appointments
  • A comfortable and relaxing meeting area for your appointments