Midwives believe you need time and special attention so you can be healthy and able to take care of your baby. Midwives specialize in providing support, regular health care, and in helping you get any additional care needed. Midwives are experts in knowing the difference between normal changes that occur during pregnancy and symptoms that require extra attention.

Many women go to their midwife for annual check ups and family planning. For example, your midwife can answer questions about all the methods of birth control, and help you decide what is best and safest for you. We can also meet with you to discuss your options, questions, and overall health if you are planning a pregnancy, or guide you if you’re struggling to become pregnant.

Absolutely. Water is not just for labor but also for birth if you choose. Water is a wonderful resource for you during labor, and can help facilitate a smooth transition for your baby. And you don’t have to be at the birth center either – we support water births at home as well.

Midwives are always less expensive than obstetricians in total fees and charges. However, how much of it is covered depends on your insurance. We also offer payment plans, discounts under certain circumstances, and are part of a health care expense credit organization that can often help.

You can call anytime to schedule a tour and consultation. We never charge for consultations, and you always meet with at least one of the midwives, rather than an assistant or receptionist.

Yes, although we are out of network with insurance. However, because we are the only birth centers in the area, our billing specialist is able to get many of our clients in network exceptions with their insurance companies. You are welcome to reach out to our billing specialist and she can let you know exactly what your insurance will cover, and let you know what your options are.

In the unlikely event that you need to transfer to the hospital in labor, one of the midwives will go with you and stay with you for the birth of your baby. We will be there to help with the transition to the hospital and the transition into parenthood.

We have had consistently great experiences when we have had to transfer our clients to the hospital. They nurses and doctors know us, we have established a good reputation with them, and they are respectful of our clients – they understand that it was not your plan to be there.

Call us for a tour and consultation. We are happy to meet with you, answer your questions, and show you around. We can give you all of your options so that, as with all of your care, you can make the decision that’s best for you and your family.