Billing & Insurance

Yes we work with many insurance providers! Insurance companies and individual plans vary widely in their coverage, but many cover care with a midwife, birth at home, and birth at a birth center. 

Although we are not in-network with insurance companies, many offer what is called a “gap exception” which give us a temporary in-network status for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

Our billing specialist can find out for you what your insurance company will cover. Once you have spoken with us and want to pursue more information about your insurance, reach out to her directly and request a benefits verification. This will give you an estimate of financial responsibility should you choose us for your care. The cost is just $25, and is paid directly to our billing service. 

Vicci can be reached via email at [email protected]. She will also need copies of your insurance card and a request form filled out as well, although you will send them to her after you’ve communicated directly.